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The makeshift workshop where Reed conducted scientific experiments that would later change the world. Using parts and tools from anywhere he could find them, such as Ben’s family salvage yard, Reed built various inventions here, including prototypes of a primitive teleportation device.


Advanced technology for
inter-dimensional travel.
In the infinite array
of other realities, some
are “coherent” like ours.


While the team learns to handle their newfound abilities, they are a constant danger to themselves and those around them. The containment suits are designed to help them harness and control their powers by absorbing and focusing the impact.

Alternate Dimension

Great minds, including Einstein, have debated whether teleportation is theoretically possible. And some scientists believe there are alternate dimensions waiting to be discovered. When the team enters the Quantum Gate, the question is no longer “can we teleport to alternate dimensions?” but rather “what will we find when we get there?”